The Quick Intro to Microsoft Security Training

You read it in the news, you see it on television, even large companies get victims of Cyber Crime activities. That´s why our instructor Alex de Jong keeps on delivering the courses in the Microsoft Security, Compliance and Identity series, so that your company is protected and safe in the digital landscape.

This article is based on the video listed below, and contains relevant information to which SCI course you should choose based on your company´s overall security focus.

Alex´s favourite course is the SC-100: Microsoft Cybersecurity Architect. In this course, which is like a mile wide and an inch deep, you´ll be shown every single security feature that you have in Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365.

However, if you are focusing on making sure that your security operation centre, that your sock is up and running, you might want to join us on the SC-200 course. This is all about implementing Microsoft´s Sentinal Defend of cloud and Defend of Microsoft 365, into a single environment. We´ll also talk about how to extend the data gathered from for example different clouds like Amazon or the Google Cloud. 

If you want to be focusing more on Identity, then the SC-300 is the course you should have a look at. This course will teach you everything there is to learn about Entra ID and Identity Management.

The last and final course we´ll have a look at in this article is the Microsoft Information Protection course, the SC-400. This is all about Microsoft purview, and in 3-days you will learn about data classification, how to protect your data by encrypting it, implementing data loss prevention policies, setting up communication compliance, and much more. 

So without further ado, let´s get you registered for one or more of those courses. Read more in the course descriptions below:


SC-series with Alex de Jong: