IREB CPRE Foundation Level

IREB® Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering - Foundation Level provides you with basic knowledge in requirements management and prepares you for certification according to IREB® (International Requirements Engineering Board). The IREB certification is internationally recognised proof that you possess the competence required to work with requirements management.

The course covers the most common methods and techniques used in this field, for both new development and requirements management in existing systems. The goal is to ensure that you can be more productive in your daily work and achieve certification according to IREB. 

Methods and techniques taught during the course can be used in any type of organisation and for all kinds of systems in areas such as finance, IT or embedded systems. The know-how can be used in various software development models, including IBM Rational Unified Process®, Scrum and Kanban. 

The course syllabus was developed by internationally recognised experts in requirements management. For those wishing to expand their knowledge, additional certification levels are available. 


The course is ideal for those seeking to learn about the fundamentals of requirements management or those who wish to confirm their skills in the field. Those working in areas such as system development, quality assurance, testing, project management and system analysis will also benefit from this course. 


While experience in requirements management, testing or development can help you relate course concepts to real-life situations, it is not mandatory. 

Course outline:


  • The importance of good requirements management

The basics of requirements

  • Activities in requirements management
  • Skills for requirements managers
  • Types of requirements
  • Quality requirements

Systems and system limits

  • The system and its context
  • System boundaries

Requirements elicitation

  • Sources for requirements
  • Dealing with stakeholders
  • Techniques for requirements elicitation

Requirements documentation

  • Types of requirements documents
  • Natural language for requirements
  • Models for requirements

Quality assurance for requirements

  • Review of requirements
  • Validation of requirements
  • Conflict resolution

Requirements management

  • Identification of requirements
  • Tracing requirements
  • Version management
  • Management of requirements changes
  • Prioritising requirements

Requirements tools

  • Categories of tools
  • Advantages and disadvantages of tools
  • Examples of typical tools
  • Selecting tools


The exam must be completed within 75 minutes and covers about 45 multiple choice questions. On request non-native speakers may be granted a 15 minute extension. Depending on their difficulty questions are allocated a different number of points. The exam is closed-book: no materials may be used during the examination, with the exception of a language dictionary. To pass the exam, you must achieve at least 70.00 % of the total possible score.

 The exam is not included in the course price. You can read more about the exam here: CPRE Foundation Level

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