CSSLP: Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional

The agenda is based on eight domains of the CSSLP Common Body of Knowledge and it’s volume. The agenda relies on the official Exam Outline – it has been proven to provide best foundation for preparation. The time allocated for each domain relies on experience and amount of information to be taught. Each day ends with exam-like questions and on the last day, a practice exam will take place.

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Domain 1: Secure Software Concepts

  • Core Concepts
  • Security Design Principles

Domain 2: Secure Software Requirements

  • Security Requirements
  • Compliance Requirements
  • Data Classification Requirements
    • Privacy Requirements

Domain 3: Secure Software Architecture and Design

  • Threat Modelling
  • Security Architecture
  • Secure Interface Design
  • Architectural Risk Assessment
  • Reusable Secure Design

Domain 4: Secure Software Implementation

  • Secure Coding Practices
  • Code Analysis
  • Security Controls
  • Address Security Risks
  • Third-Party Code or Libraries
  • Systems’s integration
  • Build Process

Domain 5: Secure Software Testing

  • Security Test Cases
  • Security Testing Strategy and Plan

Domain 6: Secure Software Lifecycle Management

  • Software Development Methodology
  • Integrated Risk Management

Domain 7: Secure Software Deployment, Operations, Maintenance

  • Operational Risk Analysis
  • Release/ Installation
  • Information Security Continuous

Domain 8: Secure Software Supply Chain

  • Software Supply Chain Risk Management
  • Acquisition Process


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