Introduction to C# and .NET

If you are getting started with programming and you are aiming to use C# and .NET, then this is the course for you. The course explains essential programming concepts and object-oriented techniques, and explores fundamental C# syntax in this context.


After attending this course, you will be ready to start writing simple C# and .NET applications. You will also be well prepared for the C# 7 Development course, which dives deeper into C# syntax and .NET APIs. 

What you will learn:

  • Fundamental programming concepts
  • Essential C# syntax
  • Object oriented concepts
  • How to implement OO in C#
  • High-level introduction to the .NET Framework


Students that are completely new to C# and Object-Oriented Architecture. 


  • The course does not assume prior programming experience

Course outline:

  • Programming Fundamentals: Types of programming languages; Structuring programs; Some simple code examples
  • Getting Started with C# and .NET: Overview of C#; Overview of .NET; Compiling C# code at the command line; Using Visual Studio to create and build a simple console application
  • Core C# Syntax: Basic syntax rules; Getting started with C# variables; Going further with C# variables; Getting started with C# operators
  • Flow of Control Concepts: What is flow control; Making decisions; Making loops; Putting it all together to create algorithms
  • Flow of Control in C#: Writing if and if-else statements; Writing switch statements; Writing for and for-each loops
  • Writing and Calling Methods: What are methods; Defining and calling methods; Parameters and return values
  • Introduction to Object Oriented Concepts: What is OO; Abstraction via classes; Encapsulation; Inheritance; OO design
  • Classes and Objects in C#: Defining a simple class; Namespaces; Fields, constructors, methods, and properties; Creating new objects; Static members; A quick overview of some useful classes in .NET
  • Arrays and Collections: Creating a simple array; Overview of generics; Creating simple collections and dictionaries; Overview of collection operations
  • Inheritance: What is inheritance; Defining subclasses and superclasses in C#; Polymorphism
  • Additional Techniques: Overview of delegates and lambdas; Exceptions; Interfaces
  • High-Level Tour of the .NET Framework: Creating a GUI application; Creating a web application; Creating a REST web service; Database access

Andy Olsen - author of the course

Andy is a freelance consultant and instructor based in the UK, working mostly in the City of London and Oxford. Andy has been working with .NET since the Beta 1 days and has extensive experience in many facets of .NET development including WCF, WPF, WF, ASP.NET MVC Web development, and mobile applications. Andy has designed and written many Microsoft Official Curriculum courses in the last decade, and has been engaged as author and technical reviewer with Apress on some of their biggest selling books.

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