Developing Generative AI Applications on AWS

Do you want to improve customer experiences and solve complex business problems with generative AI? Learn to build generative AI applications with Developing Generative AI Applications on AWS.

In this 2-day course an expert instructor will guide you in your developer role with Python experience through the basics, benefit, associated terminology of generative AI. You will learn the steps to planning an generative AI project, the foundations of prompt engineering, and more to develop generative AI applications with AWS services. By the end of the course, you will develop the skills needed to build applications that can generate and summarize text, answer questions, and interact with users using a chatbot interface.

Level: Expert

What you'll learn

  • Define the importance of generative AI and explain its potential risks and benefits
  • Identify business value from generative AI use cases
  • Discuss the technical foundations and key terminology for generative AI
  • Identify which prompt-techniques are best-suited for specific models
  • Identify potential prompt misuses
  • Describe architecture patterns that can be implemented with Amazon Bedrock for building generative AI applications
  • And more

Who should take this course

Software developers interested in leveraging large language models without fine-tuning

Glenn Richard Bech

Glenn er systemutvikler og arkitekt, bredt opptatt av skyteknologi, men med spesialisering på Amazon AWS. Han kan bistå med rådgivning, innovasjon, arkitektur og implementasjon på plattformen. Han er sertifisert som arkitekt, og Amazon autorisert instruktør for flere av de offisielle AWS kursene 

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