Wondering which course to choose?

Finding the correct course can sometimes be tricky! So, let us help you find it with this course comparison between our new courses within Google development: the Developing modern websites: HTML 5.3, JavaScript 2019 & CSS 2018 course and Progressive Web Apps and JavaScript 2018 and the long time rockstar Programming in HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. Wether or not you need a certification or just a very good course, if you are a developer, you should find benefits across the line in all of our courses. But let´s focus on these three for this article.

First, let´s introduce the courses we are comparing today: (Press the links for course descriptions and more relevant information)

  • Developing modern websites: HTML 5.3, JavaScript 2019 & CSS 2018 - this course makes you prepared for the Google Developer certification, and besides covering the basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, we’ll also deep dive into each of those technologies. You’ll learn to create sites that dynamically adjust to screen sizes with use of CSS Flexbox, CSS Grid, relative font sizes and responsive images.
  • Progressive Web Apps and JavaScript 2018 - Doesn´t prepare you for any certification, but if you want to have a normal website and also let it appear as a traditional application or native mobile application? Or if you want to write apps that are powered by Web technologies and delivered with Web infrastructure? Welcome to Progressive Web Apps!
  • Programming in HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript (exam 70-480) hands-on - this course helps you prepare for the Microsoft certification 70-480 from 2013, and can be a bit outdated if you want to create amazing websites wich is mobile and user friendly. 


Download/open our PDF file, and compare your courses so that you can attend the correct one for you! Course Comparison - Developing modern websites: HTML 5.3, JavaScript 2019 and CSS 2018 vs Microsoft 70-480 vs PWA and JS2018.