Executive MBA – Cybersecurity

The PECB University Executive MBA in Cybersecurity prepares candidates to manage information security challenges technically and strategically whilst focusing the attention on the business aspect. Candidates of the program develop their technical skills on computer systems and gain knowledge on business management, as such gaining the necessary competencies to draw inferences between information security and business risks.

Executive MBA in Cybersecurity

Course Requirements (48 credits)

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3     Leadership and Organizational Behavior 
3     Business Operations, Analytics, and Decisions
6     Capstone Project 1 (2nd semester)


3     Cybersecurity Management
3     Information Security Risk Management
3     Information Security MS Implementation
3     Information Security MS Audit 

ELECTIVES (select 4 courses for 16 credits)

3     Incident Management          
3     Cloud Security
3     Data Protection
3     SCADA Security Manager
3     Computer Forensics 
3     Network Security Manager 
3     Information Security Controls
3     Privacy Information MS Implementation
3     Privacy Information MS Audit
3     Business Continuity MS Implementation
3     Business Continuity MS Audit
3     Business Process Improvement
3     Supply Chain MS Implementation
3     Supply Chain MS Audit
3     Social Responsibility MS Implementation
3     Social Responsibility MS Audit
3     Outsourcing
3     Anti-bribery MS Implementation
3     Anti-bribery MS Audit
3     Asset MS Implementation
3     Asset Management System Audit
3     IT Service MS Implementation
3     IT Service MS Audit
3     Quality MS Implementation
3     Quality MS Audit
3     Management Systems Auditor
3     Environmental MS Implementation
3     Environmental MS Audit
3     Occupational Health and Safety MS Implementation
3     Occupational Health and Safety MS Audit
3     Project Management


3     Strategic Management    
3     Corporate Governance, Ethics, and Law    
6     Capstone Project 2 (4th semester)