An organization's ability to absorb correct knowledge and share it and build it into their products, services and processes is the difference between just being okay and being great. You know what kind of knowledge is essential for your business, and we can help you apply new knowledge and spread it throughout your organization to ensure that the knowledge is being used!

Microlearning – The way to ensure 100% implementation

Finding out what kind of training is needed for e-learning in all parts of an organization is an arduous process. How do you get employees to complete a course on boring but important topics?

The answer is simple:
1) Offer the employees a course that is tailor-made to their individual level.
2) Make sure the course does not compete with the participants’ work tasks.
3) Provide easy access to content.

BN Bank carried out an IT security training course for all its employees. After one month, 89% of the staff had completed all the lessons.

XtraMile is a MicroLearning tool that allows you to easily raise the skill levels of all employees – in sessions that only last five minutes at a time.

"We introduced Skype for Business and gave e-learning to all employees. After 1 month, 85 % started; more than 99 % of them completed the course.”

Entrepreneurial firm


Free demo - get started in two hours

XtraMile is very user-friendly and requires no administration at start-up. We can help you get started, and if you can set aside two hours we promise that:

  • All employees will be set up as users 
  • All courses are published on your organization's course portal
  • All the courses will use your organization's visual profile
  • You and your colleagues will learn how to leverage the tool to get the most out of the courses
  • You can even make your own courses
  • You can distribute courses to...