Consultant hiring

Glasspaper is Norway's largest service provider of IT training and a significant operator in the recruitment and hiring market for IT consultants. Our network and expertise provide us with a bird's-eye view of the Norwegian consultancy market. Many of our customers come to use because they find it difficult to attract and find the right IT consultants for shorter projects or long-term placement.

A solid network of skilled IT consultants

We have acquired a solid network of skilled IT consultants in the course of our 17 years on the Norwegian IT market. Glasspaper is proud to be the only Norwegian company that is part of the worldwide LLPA network. LLPA stands for Leading Learning Partner Association, a group of 27 renowned training centers around the world. This provides Glasspaper with access to expertise from the foremost IT environments, which benefits our consultants and our customers.

Good consultants in a reasonable time to a reasonable price

Partnering with Glasspaper ensures your company has access to the most talented consultants who can begin any assignment on a moment's notice. The challenge is finding good consultants at a reasonable price for whatever length of time you need. This is part of our business strategy, which allows us to provide highly-skilled consultants at competitive rates. Glasspaper takes charge of finding the best consultants in the market for our customers, regardless of assignment or complexity. Our training, course and certification centers produce consultants skilled in the latest IT tools and certifications, and our certification centers allow us to keep our consultants up-to-date on the latest technology and methodology. We want to know all about your needs as a customer so we can solve any challenges you might face.

This is a promise that Glasspaper makes to its customers. Our job is to find the best consultant for the assignment while enhancing his or her skills and expertise while on the job. We are the only IT consultancy provider on the market to do this.