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Does your business need to hire system developers or realize system development projects? Then you should consider Glasspaper Solutions. We are a Microsoft-based consulting company, with expertise in system development within .NET and Azure. Our solutions use well-known frameworks in Front-end (Vue, React, Angular), and Back-end system development in .NET. We can assist with the development of new solutions and further development of your existing system development projects. We can offer the hire of individual consultants, supply entire teams or handle complete projects with subsequent management if desired.

System development - Why do our customers use us?

The motives for using our services within system development depend on the individual company's needs, but feedback shows that the following reasons are the background to why Glasspaper Solutions is used when system development is needed:

  • Our customers want a system development supplier that has specialist expertise in a technology, for our part Microsoft .NET and Azure, as well as Front-end with associated technologies. This not only means efficiency in the system development itself, but also that we have the expertise to build scalable and secure solutions. The consequence is cost savings for our clients and security in delivery. We have both specialized Front-end and Back-end developers, as well as Full-stack developers depending on our customers' needs.
  • We are keen to guide our customers so that the system development projects do not escalate, but help to keep focus on what creates business gains. We focus on the business gains our customers want to realize.
  • We can take project responsibility for system development projects from A to Z. It is still important that the customer is closely involved in the process and the solution that is developed to ensure that the customer receives a solution that meets the customer's needs.
  • Some customers only need extra capacity for their ongoing or planned system development projects. We can assist with one or more consultants depending on the need.
  • Several of our customers know that the systems they develop must be managed, i.e. maintained and possibly further developed. Several of our customers do not have their own developers and therefore want us to handle the management of the solution after the system development project.
  • Our customers describe our system development consultants as down-to-earth, practical, easy to communicate with and solution-oriented.
  • We act as sparring partners and use our technology expertise so that together we can arrive at the best possible solution for your business.
  • We represent modern development tools and methods.
  • We can point to good references in both the public and private sectors.

System Development experience from several industries

Glasspaper Solutions can show to references within a wide range of industries when it comes to system development. We have experience from the following;

Banking/Finance Retail Public sector
Start-ups Power/Energy Health
Media Nonprofit organizations Security
E-Commerce Service industry IT-companies

Our experience in system development - your safety

With Glasspaper Solutions as your supplier, you are assured that your development needs are in safe hands. As part of the Glasspaper Group with 6 * Microsoft gold competencies and 4 * Microsoft silver competencies, as well as Learning partner of The Year for Microsoft 8 years in a row, we represent the security our customers want when they need assistance in system development.

You are welcome to contact consulting manager Mette Halvorsen on phone 982 65 554 or email You can read more about Glasspaper Solutions here.