Do you need help with recruitment?

Glasspaper People specialises in recruitment services and the hiring out of personnel when technology is a key qualification for your workers. This ranges from IT specialists to managers who understand how a company uses technology as a competitive advantage. Our expertise lies at the crossroads of people, expertise and technology.

We are backed by one of the largest service providers of IT and technology courses. This makes us the only recruitment agency in Norway with course/testing/training centers to generate new talent in the market and further develop the skills and expertise of our experienced staff. We are the only operator in the market that can offer competence enhancement as part of the recruiting process without additional costs to our customers. We are told that our unique combination of training and recruiting motivates and leads to increased efficiency among our candidates; a valuable contribution to positive employer branding for our customers. All this provides our customers with more candidates and applicants to choose from while saving significant amounts of money on courses. We also have highly-skilled IT technical resources who can assist our customers in designing the technical requirements for job positions that our customers want to occupy. If necessary and desired, our IT technical resources can assist your company with in-depth mapping of the IT-technical competence you need.

Our vision:

Use innovation, knowledge, quality and commitment to offer staffing solutions, recruiting and competence solutions that help our customers become tomorrow's winners.

Glasspaper can help you with recruitment:

As a customer of Glasspaper, you will meet competent advisors who can propose good solutions suited to your organization's needs – whether this includes active candidates searches, advertising, selection, testing and/or coordinating recruitment and hiring processes, if applicable and expanding recruitment options within your HR services. We have gained solid experience about access to qualified applicants in the market. We know what the applicants value, what salary levels are expected and competitive and how your organization can attract the best 'selective' candidates and ensure a good onboarding process.