AZ-305: Designing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions

This course teaches Azure Solution Architects how to design infrastructure solutions. Course topics cover governance, compute, application architecture, storage, data integration, authentication, networks, business continuity, and migrations. The course combines lecture with case studies to demonstrate basic architect design principles.

Additional supporting lab environments will be provided for use during and after the completion of the course. These are additional to the Microsoft official content to enhance and contribute to the study of AZ-305 and Azure architecture.

This course will help students prepare for the new exam AZ-305: Microsoft Azure Architect Design. Read more about the new certification requirements under Certification further down.

«Mike did a very good job at explaining concepts. He followed the progression of slides, but added in very relevant material from youtube etc which was a great help for me understanding some of the concepts. » Course delegate

Important notice about this course

This is a 4 day course from Microsoft. However, Glasspaper has extended this course to 5 days to allow enough time to discuss important topics. 


This course is aimed at Solution Architects with experience and knowledge in IT operations (including networking, virtualization, identity, security, business continuity, disaster recovery, data platforms, and governance) as well as experience designing and architecting solutions.

Job role: Solution Architect


Before attending this course, students MUST HAVE previous experience deploying or administering Azure resources and conceptual knowledge of:

  • Azure Active Directory
  • Azure compute technologies such as VMs, containers and serverless solutions
  • Azure virtual networking to include load balancers
  • Azure Storage technologies (unstructured and databases)
  • General application design concepts such as messaging and high availability

If you do not have necessary work experience, this course will help you prepare:

AZ-104: Microsoft Azure Administrator

Skills gained by attending this course

  • Design a Governance Solution: Develop a framework for policies and standards that control Azure resources and services, including setting up management groups, subscriptions, and resource groups, and implementing role-based access control (RBAC) and custom policies for resource compliance.
  • Design a Compute Solution: Plan and architect compute resources like Azure Virtual Machines, Azure Functions, Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), or Azure App Services, focusing on scalability, manageability, and cost-effectiveness.
  • Design an Application Architecture: Create a blueprint for application deployment with the choice of technologies and architecture patterns, considering scalability, performance, security, and resilience.
  • Design Storage, Non-Relational and Relational: Choose and configure Azure storage solutions like Azure SQL Database, Cosmos DB, Azure Table Storage, Blob Storage, based on data structure, access patterns, and cost.
  • Design Data Integration Solutions: Develop strategies using Azure Data Factory, Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Data Lake for integrating, aggregating, and transforming data from various sources.
  • Design Authentication, Authorization, and Identity Solutions: Implement secure mechanisms using Entra ID, OAuth, OpenID Connect, focusing on security best practices and compliance requirements.
  • Design Network Solutions: Architect network infrastructure using Azure Virtual Network, VPN Gateway, Azure ExpressRoute, and other tools, considering security, performance, and connectivity.
  • Design High Availability Solutions: Ensure operational functionality under various conditions with strategies like redundancy, failover, replication, and geographic distribution using Azure regions and availability zones.
  • Design Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions: Create strategies to protect data and applications, using Azure Backup, Azure Site Recovery, and designing a recovery plan that meets RTO and RPO.
  • Design Monitoring Solutions: Plan for monitoring applications and Azure resources using Azure Monitor, Azure Application Insights, and Azure Log Analytics, including setting up alerts, metrics, and logs.
  • Design Migration Solutions: Develop a plan for migrating existing applications to Azure, using tools like Azure Migrate, planning the migration phases, and ensuring minimal disruption.

Course outline

Module 1: Design compute and application solutions

  • Design for governance
  • Design for compute solutions
  • Design for application architectures

Module 2: Design storage solutions

  • Design a non-relational storage solution.
  • Design a relational storage solution.
  • Design a data integration solution.

Module 3: Design networking and access solutions

  • Design authentication and authorization solutions
  • Design networking solutions

Module 4: Design business continuity solutions

  • Design for backup and disaster recovery
  • Design monitoring solutions
  • Design for migrations


This course will help you prepare for the new exam AZ-305: Microsoft Azure Architect Design which is part of the requirement for the Azure Solutions Architect Expert certification.

To earn the Azure Solutions Architect Expert certification you must pass 2 exams

NOTE! The exam is not included in the course fee.

You can book and take the exam at Glasspaper`s test centres: Read more about our test centres

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