AZ-400: Azure DevOps Engineer Expert

This 5-day course provides students with the key knowledge to help prepare for exam AZ-400, which will lead to the new Azure DevOps Engineer Expert certification. In this course you will learn to design a DevOps strategy and how to implement DevOps Development Processes, Continuous Integration and Delivery, Dependency Management, Application Infrastructure and Continuous Feedback.


Fundamental knowledge about Azure, version control, Agile software development, and core software development principles. It would be helpful to have experience from an organization that delivers software and experience with virtual machines and containers, and some exposure to automation and scripting.


DevOps professionals who combine people, process, and technologies to continuously deliver valuable products and services that meet end user needs and business objectives.

Course content

This 5 day course contains of these modules:

Implementing DevOps Development Processes:
You will learn how to use source control, scale Git for an enterprise, and implement and manage build infrastructure.

Implementing Continuous Integration:
You will learn how to implement continuous integration in an Azure DevOps pipeline, how to manage code quality and security principles, and how to implement a container build strategy.

Implementing Continuous Delivery:
You will learn how to design a release strategy, set up a release management workflow, and implement an appropriate deployment pattern.

Implementing Dependency Management:
You will learn how to design a dependency management strategy and manage security and compliance.

Implementing Application Infrastructure:
You will learn how to implement infrastructure as code and configuration management, how to provision Azure infrastructure using common automation tools, and how to deploy an application infrastructure using various Azure services and deployment methodologies. Students will also learn how to integrate 3rd party deployment tools with Azure, such as Chef and Puppet to incorporate compliance and security into the release pipeline.

Implementing Continuous Feedback:
You will learn how to recommend and design system feedback mechanisms, implement a process for routing system feedback to development teams, and optimize feedback mechanisms.

Designing a DevOps Strategy:
You will learn how to plan for transformation, select a project, and create team structures. You will also learn how to develop quality and security strategies. Planning for migrating and consolidating artifacts and source control will also be covered. 


This course is recommended as preparation for exam AZ-400: Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions. This exam is the only exam you need to pass in order to get the new certification: Azure DevOps Engineer Expert.

The exam fee is not included in the course price.