AIOps Foundation

AIOps Foundation aims to cover the origins of AIOps, including the history behind the term, patterns that preceded it, and the technology context in which it has evolved. Candidates will gain an understanding of the processes of combining big data analytics, machine learning algorithms, automation, and optimization into a single platform.

This certification addresses key principles and foundational concepts along with the core technologies of AIOps: big data and machine learning. AIOps Foundation will validate candidates’ understanding of how and why digital transformation, together with the evolution of machine learning, have brought about the rise of AIOps as an indispensable tool in today’s IT Operational landscape. 

What will you learn?

AIOps Fundamentals
Discover how AIOps has evolved through the years, the difference between AIOps and IT Operations Analytics, and the current stages of an AIOps system.

AIOps in the Organisation
Learn how AIOps can be integrated into organisational frameworks, and its impact on DevOps, site reliability, security, and system complexity.

Core Technologies: Big Data
Gain an introduction to Big Data, covering what Big Data is, the Five V's, its key characteristics, AIOps data sources/types, and diverse data.

Core Technologies: Machine Learning (ML)
Explore AI and Machine Learning in AIOps, supervised vs. unsupervised learning, ML vs. analytics, training models, and future prospects.

AIOps and Operations Metrics
Leverage industry standard metrics to quantify the outcomes of implementing AIOps.

AIOps Use Cases and Organisational Mindset
Understand the challenges and opportunities of applying AIOps in the organisation.

Evaluating AIOps Impact
Measure the effectiveness of AIOps deployment and its potential benefits.

Implementing AIOps
Discover the challenges, trends and ethical considerations organisations may face while deploying an AIOps initiative. 

Why choose AIOps?

Stay Ahead of Evolving Technologies
The AIOps Foundation certification will equip you with the necessary knowledge to navigate the complexities of cloud-native applications and harness artificial intelligence for IT Operations.

Master Cutting-edge Technologies
Gain an in-depth understanding of how artificial intelligence, big data analytics and machine learning can be combined to optimise IT processes.

Drive Digital Transformation Efforts
Explore the synergy between digital transformation, machine learning, and the rise of AIOps to spearhead initiatives that seamlessly integrate AIOps into organisational workflows.

Overcome Common Challenges, Maximise Benefits
Acquire the tools and practical strategies needed to overcome common hurdles and maximise the benefits of AIOps adoption. Gain a greater understanding of deployment effectiveness and learn to quantify outcomes using industry-standard metrics.


  • AIOps Architect and Engineer
  • Business Manager
  • Cloud Engineer
  • QA Engineer
  • Data Engineer and Scientist
  • IT Director
  • IT Manager
  • IT Security Analyst
  • IT Team Leader
  • System Integrators
  • Product Owner


An understanding and knowledge of common DevOps terminology and concepts and related work experience are recommended.


Exam details:

Exam: 40 questions
Question type: multiple-choices
Duration 60 minutes
Exam type:open-book

Minimum required score to pass: 65%

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