What´s the Difference Between MS-500 Security and SC-series?

Many of our customers are wondering which certification to choose between MS-500 Security or SC-series (Microsoft Security)? Look no further, we got you covered in this article, where you´ll end up with an understanding of which certifications that will benefit you, your career and your organization.

First thing first, what is the MS-500 certification?

The MS-500 certification is short for MS-500: Microsoft 365 Security Administrator, and is a rounded certification, that gives you a little taste about all features in the Microsoft 365 security world. It´ll give you a decent understanding regarding Microsoft 365 security. We recommend this certifications for IT professionals who wants a career in Microsoft 365, but also need to implement security strategies, and comply with company policies and regulations of the organization.

How about the SC-series?

Whereas the SC-series, called the next generation series of Microsoft 365 and Azure security training, really focuses on individual topics. For example the SC-400, focuses purely on Information Protection, SC-300, is Identity and Authentication. So, very different and more in-depth than the MS-500 certification.

So what to choose?

Of course at the end of the day the choice is entirely up to you. Do you go down the MS-500 certification which is perfect if you're focusing your career on Microsoft 365. Or do you take the SC or Security certifications, which is very focused on the specialist areas of security and  a part of Microsoft Azure.

"Either way, there is a security certification waiting with your name on it."


Want to have a look at the courses and certifications? Check out the links below:

MS-500 SC-300

SC-400 SC-200

This article is composed from a video with one of our instructor, Andy Malone. If you´d rather like to watch the video, go ahead: