Mastering Azure FinOps

Cloud computing has become an essential part of many organizations, enabling them to scale quickly, save costs, and be more agile in responding to changing business needs. However, the flexibility and speed offered by the cloud can also create new challenges, particularly when it comes to managing costs. Organizations need to have a solid understanding of their cloud usage and costs to ensure they are using resources efficiently and effectively. This is where Azure FinOps comes in - a framework for managing cloud costs that brings together people, processes, and tools to perfect cloud spending.

In this training, we will explore Azure FinOps in depth, focusing on the different tools, strategies, and best practices that organizations can use to manage their cloud costs effectively. We will start by discussing the key concepts and principles of Azure FinOps and why it is essential for organizations that are using the cloud. Then, we will dive into the different tools and features available in Azure that can help organizations watch and manage their cloud costs. We will also cover best practices for setting up cost management in Azure, using Azure policies for cost optimization, and using APIs and automation for cost management. Finally, we will explore the FinOps Foundation Framework and how it can help organizations implement best practices for managing cloud costs.


This training is for cloud architects, IT professionals, and decision-makers who manage cloud costs in their organizations. The training is also suitable for individuals who are interested in learning more about Azure cost management and optimization.


To get the most out of this training, participants should have a basic understanding of Azure and its services. Additionally, it is recommended that participants have experience working with Microsoft Azure and understand Azure billing and cost management.

Course agenda:

Day 1:

Session 1: Introduction to cost management in Azure
•    Overview of Azure Cost Management + Billing
•    Understanding billing and usage data
•    Exploring resource costs
•    Introduction to optimization tools

Session 2: Setting up cost management
•    Linking subscriptions and configuring cost management
•    Setting budgets and alerts
•    Configuring reporting and visualization

Session 3: Analyzing costs
•    Analyzing cost data in Azure Cost Management + Billing
•    Cost breakdowns by resource type, region, and tags
•    Customizing cost reports and visualizations

Session 4: Identifying cost savings
•    Identifying areas for cost savings
•    Rightsizing resources
•    Eliminating waste and unused resources
•    Using reserved instances

Session 5: Best practices for cost optimization
•    Best practices for optimizing costs in Azure
•    Setting budgets and alerts
•    Using automation and policies
•    Monitoring costs regularly

Session 6: Group discussion and Q&A
•    Discussion and Q&A on the topics covered in Day 1
•    Review of the key takeaways and action items for cost management in Azure
Day 2

Session 1: Advanced cost management features
•    Overview of advanced cost management features in Azure
•    Chargebacks and showback
•    Third-party integrations

Session 2: Managing cost with Azure policies
•    Overview of Azure policies for cost management
•    Defining policies for cost optimization
•    Applying policies to resources and monitoring compliance

Session 3: Using APIs and automation for cost management
•    Using Azure APIs for managing costs
•    Exporting and analyzing data
•    Setting up alerts and actions
•    Using DevOps for cost management

Session 4: Managing cloud costs with FinOps
•    Introduction to the FinOps framework for cloud cost management
•    Cost allocation and optimization
•    Cost governance and management

Session 5: Case study
•    Practical example of cost management in Azure
•    Review of a sample environment and its costs
•    Walkthrough of cost management best practices

Session 6: Group discussion and Q&A
•    Discussion and Q&A on the topics covered in Day 2
•    Review of the key takeaways and action items for advanced cost management in Azure

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