Masterclass: Entra ID/Identity

This course, provides detailed explanation and demonstration of the key principals of Microsoft Entra ID. It provides comprehensive and in-depth coverage of key Microsoft Entra ID identity, security, and governance features.


The class is primarily aimed at IT professionals, Enterprise administrators, infrastructure architects, security professionals, systems engineers, network administrators, security consultants and other people responsible for implementing and managing identity and access management.


It is recommended that candidates have a solid foundational knowledge of Microsoft 365 workloads and Azure Active Directory. Candidates should also have experience with Microsoft identity and access management solutions, including Azure Active Directory, identity governance, and conditional access policies. Additionally, candidates should have expertise in securing identities and data within cloud and hybrid environments and understanding compliance and regulatory requirements. 

Skills gained

  • Implement an identity management solution
  • Implement authentication and access management solutions
  • Implement hybrid identity concept
  • Implement access management for apps
  • Plan and implement an identity governance strategy
  • Implement Conditional Access, RBAC, entitlement management, hybrid identity.

​Course content and agenda

Module 1 Introduction of Microsoft Entra ID
•    Understanding the Identity Landscape              
•    Overview of Microsoft Entra ID
•    Entra vs Active Directory
•    Microsoft Identity Providers, what and when to use.
•    Entra ID Domain Services
•    Configure and manage custom domains.
•    Tennant wide settings
•    Entra ID edition and their features
Module 2 Create and manage identities.
•    Understand identity concept in Microsoft Entra ID
•    User management
•    Administration of Users & Groups
•    Implement and manage external identities.
•    Manage external collaboration.
•    Implement cross-tenant access control
Module 3 Security Enhancement in Microsoft Entra ID
•    Entra ID security best practices
•    Multi-facor authentication
•    Passwordless Authentication, FIDO2, Windows Hello
•    Self Service password reset (SSPR)
•    Role Based Access Control
•    Microsoft Entra Verified ID, what is and when to use
•    Microsoft Entra Permission Management
•    Microsoft Entra ID Protection
•    Microsoft Entra Privileged Identity Management (PIM)
•    Microsoft Entra ID Password Protection
Module 4 Implement and manage hybrid identity.
•    Hybrid Identity
•    Account Synchronization using Entra ID Connect
•    Password Hash Synchronization
•    Pass-through authentication
•    Seamless SSO
•    Federation with Active Directory Federation Service
•    Microsoft Entra ID Connect Health
Module 5 Implement Application Management
•    Design the integration of enterprise apps for SSO.
•    Integrate custom SaaS apps for SSO.
•    Application registration
•    Security impact for consent management
•    Integrate on-premises apps with Entra ID Application Proxy
•    Integration with Azure, Office365 & Intune
•    Plan and implement entitlement management.
•    Manage access review.
•    Identity providers, SAML, OpenID Connect
•    Implement and manage policies for OAuth Apps


There is no certification related to this course.

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