JSM Project Admin (Cloud)

Clearvision's Jira Service Management Project Administration training course provides a deeper understanding of JSM Project Administration.

By the end of this course, attendees will have a solid understanding of both the configurations in their control and the ramifications of requesting changes from an application Administrator. Attendees will learn best practices around shared schemes, permissions, and project configurations.


This course is ideal for Service Team Leaders and Project Admins without full Jira Administration access. It is intended to help those seeking Atlassian certification and was created with the ACP-420 Jira Service Project Administration certification exam in mind.


  • A basic understanding of Jira use cases and functionality.
  • No experience as a project administrator necessary.


Module 1: Request types

  • Request types.
  • Portal groups.
  • Portal screens.

Lab Exercises

  • Create and configure a request type.

Module 2: Approval workflow

  • The approval workflow step.
  • Approver selection options.

Lab Exercises

  • Add an approval step to a workflow.
  • Configure approval settings.

Module 3: Service level agreements

  • SLAs.
  • SLA goals.
  • SLA calendars.
  • Importing SLAs.

Lab Exercises

  • Create a calendar.
  • Create an SLA.

Module 4: Customer settings

  • Customer permissions.
  • Satisfaction settings.

Lab Exercises

  • View customer permissions.
  • View satisfaction settings.

Module 5: Portal settings

  • Help centre – announcements.
  • Help centre – look and feel.
  • Portal – announcements.
  • Portal – look and feel.

Lab Exercises

  • Modify fields.
  • Determine how many screens are used in a project.
  • Set up an issue collector.

Module 6: Knowledgebase

  • Confluence integration.
  • Limiting search results via labels.

Lab Exercises 

  • Connecting Confluence spaces.
  • Adding KB content.

Module 7: Notifications

  • Customer notifications.
  • Internal communications.
  • Email submissions.

Lab Exercises: 

  • Editing email templates.
  • View email handler configuration.

Module 8: Automation

  • Automation overview.
  • Building an automation rule.

Lab Exercises: 

  • Create and test an automation rule.
  • Adding advanced rule conditions.

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