Confluence Essentials (server)

This Atlassian Confluence Essentials Training course explains how WIKI products in general, and Confluence in particular, help organisations to collaborate.


This course is targeted at users unfamiliar with Atlassian Confluence, If you are new to the tool, or struggling to use it efficiently, this course can help!


  • Basic knowledge of Windows/internet browser interfaces
  • Access to a laptop
  • Internet connection

Objectives & Outcomes

Users will dive into the system to create content with ease.
We’ll look at managing the structure and organisation of spaces with templates and help you to work with attachments and files.
Finally, you’ll be able to work together through various collaboration techniques using dynamic and meaningful content macros.

Course outline:

Optional Module: Introduction to Wikis

Module 1: Introduction to Confluence

  • Accessing Confluence
  • Key Concepts
    • Pages
    • Spaces
    • The Dashboard
  • Permissions
  • Menus
    • The Browse menu
    • The People directory
    • The User menu

Module 2: Creating Page Content

  • Create pages
  • Edit pages using the Text Editor
    • Collaborative editing
  • Change page layouts
  • Create a Table
    • Attachments

Module 3: Collaboration

  • Sharing and Notifications
  • Favorites
  • Comments & inline comments
  • Restrictions

Module 4: Dynamic Confluence Content

  • Introduction to Macros
  • Text Formatting Macros
  • HTML Macro
  • Space Macros

Module 5: Page Management part 1

  • Page drafts
  • Copy pages
  • Deleting pages
  • Moving pages

Module 6: Page Management part 2

  • Page history and versioning
  • Page locations & hierarchies
  • Labels
  • Exporting / Importing Pages

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