Git with Atlassian Bitbucket (server)

Clearvision's Git With Atlassian Bitbucket training course provides an understanding of using Bitbucket with Git and focuses on giving a comprehensive overview of concepts, workflows and more.


This course is aimed at developers adopting Git with Atlassian Bitbucket for the first time.

No previous experience is required.


  • Access to laptop
  • Internet connection

Objectives & Outcomes

By attending this course users will understand and participate in the full lifecycle of a development process using Atlassian Bitbucket. You’ll learn to join and work on a project while collaborating with your colleagues to perform code reviews, pull requests and releases.

Throughout the course we’ll focus on understanding the underlying git architecture to prepare you for the challenges you’ll encounter along the way while also highlighting the differences between both the command line, or Atlassian Sourcetree as your choice of client.

Course outline:

Module 1: Introduction 

  • What is Version Control?
  • Introduction to Bitbucket
  • Introduction to Git

Module 2: Getting Started

  • Setting up your Git environment
  • Accessing Bitbucket
  • Bitbucket permissions
  • Joining a project

Module 3: Introduction to Branches

  • What is a branch?
  • Git references
  • Creating branches
  • Sharing branches
  • Switching branches

Module 4: Working with Git

Repository Design

  • Commit Objects
  • The Git Workflow
    • Staging Changes
    • Commit
    • Diffing
  • Hashes

Module 5: Communicating with Bitbucket

  • Remotes and the origin
  • Pushing your changes to Bitbucket
  • Fast forward merges
  • Getting the latest code

Module 6: Pull Requests

  • Code reviews
  • Create a pull request
  • Assign pull requests
  • Collaborating on code reviews
  • Completing pull requests
  • Automatic merges

Module 7: Branching Strategies

  • The Bitbucket branching model
  • The Gitflow workflow
  • Workflow variations
  • Forks
  • Automated merges

Module 8: Merging

  • Performing complex merges
  • Merge conflicts
  • Rebasing
  • Merging from forks

Module 9: Reading History

  • The Git log
  • History through Bitbucket
  • Comparing versions
  • Blame

Module 10: Tagging and Releases

  • What are tags?
  • Creating tags
  • Pushing tags to Bitbucket
  • Deleting tags

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