Jira Project Administration (Cloud)

This course is ideal for project leads and administrators who do not have full Jira administration access. It is based on the ACP-600 – Jira project administration certification exam.

By the end of this course, attendees will have a solid understanding of both the configurations in their control and the ramifications of requesting changes from an application administrator. Attendees will understand best practices around shared schemes, permissions and project configurations.


This course is ideal for anyone new to the Atlassian Cloud version of  Jira Service Management (formerly Jira Service Desk), from the perspective of customers, agents and internal collaborators. No previous experience with Jira is required.


  • A basic understanding of Jira use cases and functionality.
  • No experience as a project administrator necessary.


Module 1: JIRA concepts overviewl

  • Introduction
  • Summary of users and groups
  • Projects
  • Project types
  • Schemes
    • Shared vs. unique
  • Project details
    • Project key
    • Categories


Lab Exercises

  • Sign up

Module 2: Access control

  • Permissions
    • Extended project admin permissions
  • Groups
  • Global permissions
  • Project roles
  • Issue level security

Lab Exercises

  • View current permissions
    • What permissions are needed to…
      • Move Issues
      • Work within sprints
      • Rank Issues
      • Assign to yourself
      • Set Issue security
  • Add users to a project role
  • Allocate an Issue security scheme
    • Grant user access

Module 3: Project configuration

  • Sidebar
  • Versions
  •  Components
    • Components vs. custom fields

Lab Exercises

  • Create a version
  • Create components
  • Configure the sidebar

Module 4: Schemes

  • Issue types
    • When to separate them
  • Notifications
    • Autowatch
    • Subscriptions
  • Priorities and resolutions

Lab Exercises

  • Identify schemes in use on your project
  • Set up a subscription

Module 5: Project data

  • Fields
  • Screens
  • Issue collectors

Lab Exercises

  • Modify fields
  • Determine how many screens are used in your project
  • Set up an Issue collector

Module 6: Workflows

  • The visual workflow designer
  • The status attribute
  • Transitions
  • Project administration limitations
  • Simplified workflows

Lab Exercises 

  • Which of the following transitions can be used…
    • Based on permissions, conditions, validators
  • Modify a workflow
  • Add a status

Module 7: Agile boards

  • Board configuration overview
  • Columns
  • Swimlanes
  • Quick filters
  • Layouts

Lab Exercises: 

  • Update columns based on workflow changes
  • Set up swimlanes
  • Add quick filters

Module 8: Reporting, dashboards and JQL

  • JQL
    • Queries
    • Operators
    • Functions
      • Valid operators
  • Filters
    • Sharing and ownership
  • Exports
  • Dashboards
  • Gadgets
    • Configurationsl

Lab Exercises: 

  • Recreate a dashboard

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