Confluence Admin (Cloud)

This Confluence Admin Training course is designed for Current and New Administrators needing formal training about Permissions, Housekeeping and good practice


This course is intended for new and experienced Confluence admins who are familiar with the essentials of Confluence but who want more of an understanding of the management of pages and spaces, permissions, configuration, housekeeping and best practices.


  • Basic knowledge of Windows interfaces
  • Atlassian Confluence basics 

Objectives & Outcomes

By attending this course, delegates will begin to understand many of the more advanced features within Confluence.

The journey begins with a half-day structured content plan covering space management followed by some good housekeeping practices.

The second half is a free-form mentoring session where attendees will get direction, examples and hands-on demos from the facilitator.

Course outline:

Module 1: Introduction to application administration

1. Manage users and groups

2. Assign global permissions

3. Manage space permissions

4. View audit logs

Module 2: Space and site settings

1. Look and feel

2. Sidebar

3. Global and site templates

4. Space archiving

Module 3: Page structure, management and gardening

 1. Space and macro usage

2. Page and space permissions

3. Managing pages within spaces

4. Common macros used for gardening

Module 4: Attachments and file management

1. Site attachment settings

2. Configuring PDF stylesheets

3. Blueprints

4. Exporting and restoring spaces

Module 5: Jira integration 

1. Application Links

  • Requirements definition
  • The Jira macro
  • Creating Jira Issues from Confluence
  • Displaying Jira data in Confluence
  • Making Jira gadgets available to Confluence

Module 6: Mentoring

Freeform Q&A session


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