SESA: Securing Email with Cisco Email Security Appliance

Learn how to deploy and use Cisco® Email Security Appliance to establish protection for your email systems against phishing, business email compromise and ransomware. Help streamline email security policy management. This hands-on course provides you with the knowledge and skills to implement, troubleshoot, and administer Cisco Email Security Appliance, including key capabilities such as advanced malware protection, spam blocking, anti-virus protection, outbreak filtering, encryption, quarantines, and data loss prevention.


Individuals responsible for the deployment, administration and troubleshooting of a Cisco Email Security Appliance.


Attendees should meet the following prerequisites:

  • TCP/IP services, including Domain Name System (DNS), Secure Shell (SSH), FTP, Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), HTTP, and HTTPS
  • Experience with IP routing

It is recommended that you have one of the following:

  • Cisco CCNA certification or 
  • SCOR - Implementing and Operating Cisco Security Core Technologies

Course objectives

After completing this course you should be able to:

Describe and administer the Cisco Email Security Appliance (ESA)
Control sender and recipient domains
Control spam with Talos SenderBase and anti-spam
Use anti-virus and outbreak filters
Use mail policies
Use content filters
Use message filters to enforce email policies
Prevent data loss
Perform LDAP queries
Authenticate Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) sessions
Authenticate email
Encrypt email
Use system quarantines and delivery methods
Perform centralized management using clusters
Test and troubleshoot

Course content

Describing the Cisco Email Security Appliance
Administering the Cisco Email Security Appliance
Controlling Sender and Recipient Domains
Controlling Spam with Talos SenderBase and Anti-Spam
Using Anti-Virus and Outbreak Filters
Using Mail Policies
Using Content Filters
Using Message Filters to Enforce Email Policies
Preventing Data Loss
Using LDAP
SMTP Session Authentication
Email Authentication
Email Encryption
Using System Quarantines and Delivery Methods
Centralized Management Using Clusters
Testing and Troubleshooting

Verify and Test Cisco ESA Configuration
Perform Basic Administration
Advanced Malware in Attachments (Macro Detection)
Protect Against Malicious or Undesirable URLs Beneath Shortened URLs
Protect Against Malicious or Undesirable URLs Inside Attachments
Intelligently Handle Unscannable Messages
Leverage AMP Cloud Intelligence Via Pre-Classification Enhancement
Integrate Cisco ESA with AMP Console
Prevent Threats with Anti-Virus Protection
Applying Content and Outbreak Filters
Configure Attachment Scanning
Configure Outbound Data Loss Prevention
Integrate Cisco ESA with LDAP and Enable the LDAP Accept Query
DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM)
Sender Policy Framework (SPF)
Forged Email Detection
Configure the Cisco SMA for Tracking and Reporting


This course helps you prepare to take exam 300-720 SESA

This is one of the concentration exams for the CCNP Security Certification. To obtain the CCNP Security Certification you will also need to take the 300-701 SCOR exam.

Passing the 300-720 exam will also provide you with the Cisco Certified Specialist - Email Content Security Certification.