DP-3001: Migrate SQL Server workload to Azure SQL

This course prepares you for the task of migrating SQL Server workloads to Azure SQL Database. You'll learn how to assess SQL Server components and compatibility for migration using the Azure SQL Migration Extension and Database Migration Assistant. This training guides you through the process of provisioning and configuring Azure SQL Database resources. You gain hands-on experience in choosing the best migration option to meet business requirements for downtime, handling migration state, and monitoring database migration.

Additionally, you'll also learn to perform post-migration tasks like disaster recovery and monitoring for Azure SQL Database. These skills are essential for ensuring a smooth, efficient transition to Azure SQL Database, and maintaining its operation post-migration.

At a glance

Level: Intermediate
Product: SQL Server, Azure SQL Database
Audience/Role: Database Administrator, Data Engineer, Administrator
Subject: Database


  • Experience with SQL Server databases.
  • Knowledge of SQL Server editions and versions.
  • Basic knowledge of security concepts like identities and permissions.
  • Experience using the Azure portal to create resources and set permissions.

You need an Azure subscription to complete the exercises. If you don't have an Azure subscription, create a free account and add a subscription before you begin.

Course content

Design a SQL Server migration strategy
In this module, you'll learn the phases of a migration and the steps involved to ensure your migration project is executed smoothly. You'll also learn the purpose of data platform modernization and see the benefits it can bring to your organization.

Assess SQL Server databases for migration to Azure SQL
Assessment tools such as Azure SQL Migration extension for Azure Data Studio, Azure Migrate, and Data Migration Assistant facilitate the migration of SQL Server databases to Azure.

Deploy PaaS solutions with Azure SQL
Provision and deploy Azure SQL Database and Azure SQL managed instance. Select the appropriate options when performing a migration to the SQL PaaS platform.

Configure database authentication and authorization
Contrast authentication using Microsoft Entra ID, Windows Active Directory, and SQL Server authentication. Implement various security principals and configure permissions.

Migrate SQL Server workloads to Azure SQL Database
You will explore different migration tools and migrate SQL Server databases to Azure SQL Database.

Perform post-migration tasks on Azure SQL
You'll explore different features and tools to help you maintain Azure SQL environments.

Prepare for your Applied Skills credential 

This one-day, instructor-led training is recommended as preparation for the assessment Migrate SQL Server workloads to Azure SQL Database

Microsoft Applied Skills is a new scenario-based credential that proves your proficiency in skill sets specific to critical business problems, so you can make a bigger impact on your projects, your organization, and your career.