Cobol Programming

Course outline:

  • 1 Documentation & Ancillary Information
    Material used and referenced in the course
  • 2 Structure and Syntax
    Cobol syntax - Program layout, EXIT,GOBACK & STOP
  • 3 Compiling and Debugging
    Compile & Link-edit, cleaning up compile errors, run-time errors, diagnosing 0C7 abend
  • 4 Define, Move & Initialize fields (Data Division)
    Defining data/variables in COBOL, Arrays, Group items, Value clause, Redefines, COMP & COMP-3, Linkage section
  • 5 Sequential File Processing
    Using QSAM, VSAM ESDS, SELECT, FD, OPEN, READ, WRITE, CLOSE, use of RETURN CODE, issue User abend
  • 6 Structured Programming
    Unstructured vs structured program design, Perform instruction – simple, iterative, conditional and varying
  • 7 Decision Making
    IF – THEN – ELSE, nested IF, EVALUATE(CASE/SELECT) 88 level, SET instruction
  • 8 Arithmetic

Advanced Topics

  • 9 Working with Dates
    Day, Date and Time functions in COBOL
  • 10 Character manipulation
    COBOL character functions, Lower-case, Upper-case, Length, reverse, Ord, Char, String, Unstring, Inspect
  • 11 Arrays and Tables
    Defining Arrays, 2D arrays, multi-dimensional arrays, subscripting vs Indexing of arrays, Sequential search, Binary search
  • 12 Sub-programs
    Call instruction, Static vs Dynamic calls, GOBACK vs EXIT Program, handling parameters, Return codes
  • 13 Indexed File Processing
    VSAM KSDS, sequential vs by Key, Open, Close, Read, write, Rewrite close, Select, FD, VSAM File status
  • 14 Relative Record File Processing
    VSAM RRDS, Select, FD, Open,Close, read, write, rewrite, start, delete

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