AI-3004: Build an Azure AI Vision solution with Azure AI services

Computer vision is an area of artificial intelligence that deals with visual perception. Azure AI Vision includes multiple services that support common computer vision scenarios. In this course you will learn how to build computer vision solutions by using Azure AI Vision.

At a glance

Level: Intermediate
Product: Azure Computer Vision
Audience/Role: Developer, AI Engineer, App Maker
Subject: Artificial Intelligence



Course content

Analyze images
With the Azure AI Vision service, you can use pre-trained models to analyze images and extract insights and information from them.

Image classification with custom Azure AI Vision models
Classify images by training a custom model with Azure AI Vision.

Detect, analyze, and recognize faces
The ability for applications to detect human faces, analyze facial features and emotions, and identify individuals is a key artificial intelligence capability.

Read Text in images and documents with the Azure AI Vision Service
Azure's AI Vision service uses algorithms to process images and return information. This module teaches you how to use the Image Analysis API for optical character recognition (OCR).

Analyze video
Azure Video Indexer is a service to extract insights from video, including face identification, text recognition, object labels, scene segmentations, and more.

Prepare for your Applied Skills credential 

This one-day, instructor-led training is recommended as preparation for the assessment Build an Azure AI Vision solution.

Microsoft Applied Skills is a new scenario-based credential that proves your proficiency in skill sets specific to critical business problems, so you can make a bigger impact on your projects, your organization, and your career.