AI-3003: Develop natural language processing solutions with Azure AI Services

Attend this 1-day course and learn how to create a natural language processing (NLP) solution by using Azure AI Language.

Additionally, you'll also learn to perform post-migration tasks like disaster recovery and monitoring for Azure SQL Database. These skills are essential for ensuring a smooth, efficient transition to Azure SQL Database, and maintaining its operation post-migration.

At a glance

Level: Intermediate
Product: Azure AI language
Audience/Role: AI Engineer, Developer, Solution Architect
Subject: Artificial Intelligence


  • Familiarity with Azure and the Azure portal
  • Experience programming with C# or Python

Course content

Analyze text with Azure AI Language

  • Provision an Azure AI Language resource
  • Detect language
  • Extract key phrases
  • Analyze sentiment
  • Extract entities and linked entities
  • Exercise - Analyze text

Create question answering solutions with Azure AI Language

  • Understand question answering
  • Compare question answering to Azure AI Language understanding
  • Create a knowledge base
  • Implement multi-turn conversation
  • Test and publish a knowledge base
  • Use a knowledge base
  • Improve question answering performance
  • Exercise - Create a question answering solution

Build a conversational language understanding model

  • Understand prebuilt capabilities of the Azure AI Language service
  • Understand resources for building a conversational language understanding model
  • Define intents, utterances, and entities
  • Use patterns to differentiate similar utterances
  • Use pre-built entity components
  • Train, test, publish, and review a conversational language understanding model
  • Exercise - Build an Azure AI services conversational language understanding model

Create a custom text classification solution

  • Understand types of classification projects
  • Understand how to build text classification projects
  • Exercise - Classify text

Custom named entity recognition

  • Understand custom named entity recognition
  • Label your data
  • Train and evaluate your model
  • Exercise - Extract custom entities

Translate text with Azure AI Translator service

  • Provision an Azure AI Translator resource
  • Understand language detection, translation, and transliteration
  • Specify translation options
  • Define custom translations
  • Exercise - Translate text with the Azure AI Translator service

Create speech-enabled apps with Azure AI services

  • Provision an Azure resource for speech
  • Use the Azure AI Speech to Text API
  • Use the text to speech API
  • Configure audio format and voices
  • Use Speech Synthesis Markup Language
  • Exercise - Create a speech-enabled app

Translate speech with the Azure AI Speech service

  • Provision an Azure resource for speech translation
  • Translate speech to text
  • Synthesize translations
  • Exercise - Translate speech

Prepare for your Applied Skills credential 

This one-day, instructor-led training is recommended as preparation for the assessment Build a natural language processing solution with Azure AI Language

Microsoft Applied Skills is a new scenario-based credential that proves your proficiency in skill sets specific to critical business problems, so you can make a bigger impact on your projects, your organization, and your career.