AI-3002: Create document intelligence solutions with Azure AI Document Intelligence

In this course you will see how Azure AI Document Intelligence solutions can enable you to capture data from typed or hand-written forms. You'll also learn how to build a solution for your custom form types and integrate that solution into an Azure Cognitive Search pipeline.

At a glance

Level: Intermediate
Product: Azure AI services, Azure AI Document Intelligence
Audience/Role: Developer, AI Engineer, Data Engineer
Subject: Artificial Intelligence


  • Basic understanding of Azure AI 

Course content

Plan an Azure AI Document Intelligence solution
Learn how to use Azure AI Document Intelligence to build solutions that analyze forms and output data for storage or further processing.

Use prebuilt Form Recognizer models
Learn what data you can analyze by choosing prebuilt Forms Analyzer models and how to deploy these models in a Form Analyzer solution.

Extract data from forms with Azure Document Intelligence
Azure Document Intelligence uses machine learning technology to identify and extract key-value pairs and table data from form documents with accuracy, at scale. This module teaches you how to use the Azure Document Intelligence Azure AI service.

Create a composed Form Recognizer model
Learn how to assemble custom models into composed solutions that can analyze different types of your own documents.

Build a Document Intelligence custom skill for Azure AI Search
Learn how to use an Azure Document Intelligence solution as a custom skill to enrich content in an Azure AI Search pipeline.

Prepare for your Applied Skills credential 

This one-day, instructor-led training is recommended as preparation for the assessment Create an intelligent document processing solution with Azure AI Document Intelligence

Microsoft Applied Skills is a new scenario-based credential that proves your proficiency in skill sets specific to critical business problems, so you can make a bigger impact on your projects, your organization, and your career.