5G System Engineering

5G is the next enhancement in mobile communications. This course introduces 5G technology in terms of the current 3GPP roadmap and network deployment by 2020. In so doing, an end to end view of the 5G system is examined, including the new architecture requirements for 5G. In addition, key aspects of the new 5G air interface are also introduced. The course then takes a “day in the life” approach to the 5G handset, detailing typical activities such as Registration, Security, PDU Session Establishment, Mobility and Interworking.


This course is relevant for Engineers, Team Leaders, Managers, Technicians and Specialists working in these functions:

  • Technical Support and Operations 
  • Network (General), RAN (Radio Access Network) and Network Design, Planning & Optimization at Mobile Service Providers
  • Software Design and Product Design at Equipment vendors

Level: Intermediate

Prerequisite courses: 

Introduction to 5G

Available as On Demand

This course is available as On Demand (e-learning / self study) with 6 months access to the training material.

Course outline

Section 1 - 5G Concepts and Drivers

  • Driving Factors for 5G
  • 5G Standardization
  • 5G Use Cases
  • Key Trends Associated with 5G

Section 2 - 5G System Architecture

  • High Level Architecture
  • 5G Core Architecture (detailed functionality of 5GC functions and reference points)
  • 5G Service Based Architecture
  • Network Slicing
  • Multi-Access Edge Computing

Section 3 - 5G New Radio and NG-RAN

  • New Radio Air Interface
  • 5G RAN Deployment Options
  • Dual-Connectivity
  • C-RAN

Section 4 - Non Standalone Operation

  • Non Standalone Access Architecture
  • Initial Procedures
  • EN-DC Secondary Node Addition
  • EN-DC Change of Secondary Node
  • EN-DC Release of Secondary Node
  • Inter MeNB Handover with EN-DC

Section 5 - 5G Initial Procedures

  • Identities Used in 5G
  • Registration and Connection Management
  • Network Access
  • 5G Registration
  • Network Function Selection
  • Deregistration

Section 6 - 5G Security

  • 5G Security Overview
  • 5G Security Algorithms
  • Authentication and Key Agreement
  • 5G AKA
  • Security Procedures
  • Securing AN to CN Communication

Section 7 - Exchanging Data in 5G

  • PDU Sessions
  • QoS Model for 5G
  • Establishing a PDU Session
  • Utilizing PDU Sessions

Section 8 - 5G Mobility

  • CM Idle Mobility Procedures
  • CM Connected Mobility – Handovers
  • CM Connected Mobility – N2 Handover
  • Dual Connectivity – Secondary Node Change
  • Roaming in 5G

Section 9. Interworking with LTE and Wi-Fi

  • Interworking with LTE
  • Connected Mode Mobility Procedures (with N26)
  • Interworking with Non-3GPP Networks: