Introduction to 5G

In this half day course the key aspects of 5G will be explored at an introductory level. This includes a synopsis of the driving factors and key characteristics, the overall architecture, network operation and example use cases. Although considered to be beginner level, this course will explore technical aspects of 5G, providing audiences with an understanding of the key buzzwords encountered.


This is a half day course, starting at 09.00 and finishing at 12.00


There is no prerequisites to this training. 

This course is relevant for persons working in Technical Support, Sales & Marketing, Customer Support, Business Support and other who needs an overview of key aspects of 5G.

Available as On Demand

This course is available as On Demand (e-learning / self study) with 6 months access to the training material.

Course outline

5G Concepts and Drivers

  • Enhanced Mobile Broadband
  • Ultra-Reliable and Low Latency
  • Communications
  • Massive Machine Type Communications
  • 5G vs 4G Performance Synopsis

Deploying 5G

  • Non Standalone 5G Deployment
  • Standalone 5G Deployment

5G New Radio

  • Flexible Numerology
  • Beam Forming and Beam Steering
  • Dual Connectivity


  • Small Cells
  • Centralized RAN

5G Core Network Architecture

  • Data Sessions
  • Core Network Elements
  • Network Virtualization and SBA
  • Network Slicing

5G Network Operation

  • Registering to the Network
  • Establishing Data Connectivity
  • Tracking Mobility within the Network
  • Handovers
  • Roaming

5G Use Cases

  • MEC and 5G – Making VR/AR a Reality
  • 5G and FWA – Delivering Triple Play over 5G
  • Private 5G – Deploying 5G on a Micro Scale