5G Air Interface

The 5G air interface is a key part of the 5G system which will facilitate Enhanced Broadband and Ultra Reliable Low Latency Communication, as well as the support of Massive IoT (Internet of Things). This course focuses on 5G Phase 1. In so doing, both SA (Standalone) and NSA (Non Standalone) operation are discussed. The course details all aspects, from the physical layer channel and reference signals, through to scheduling and analysis of NR RRC signalling utilized to configure the NR air interface.


This course is relevant for Engineers, Team Leaders, Managers, Tecnicians and Specialists working in these functions:

  • Operations at Mobile Service Providers and Equipment vendors
  • Network (General), RAN (Radio Access Network) and Network Design, Planning & Optimization at Mobile Service Providers
  • Software Design and Product Design at Equipment vendors

Level:  Advanced

Prerequisite courses: 

5G System Engineering 

Course outline

1 - 5G NG-RAN

  • 5G Phases
  • 5G RAN Architecture
  • C-RAN Concepts
  • Managing 5G QoS
  • 5G Bearers

2 - 5G Physical Layer

  • 5G Waveform: CP-OFDM and DFT-s-OFDM
  • 5G NR Duplexing
  • 5G Frequency Bands
  • NR Numerology and Frame Structure
  • Channel Bandwidth

3 - 5G Massive MIMO and Beamforming

  • What is Massive MIMO?
  • MIMO in 5G
  • Beamforming (Massive MIMO)
  • NR Beam Management
  • Synchronization Signal Block Location

4 - 5G Physical Layer and Channels Introduction

  • NR Channels
  • NR Physical Layer Processing

5. NR Downlink Physical Channels and Signals
• Downlink Synchronization Signals
• Physical Broadcast Channel
• Physical Downlink Control Channel
• Physical Downlink Shared Channel

6. NR Uplink Physical Channels
• NR Physical Random Access Channel
• NR Physical Uplink Shared Channel
• NR Physical Uplink Control Channel

7. 5G Reference Signals
• 5G Reference Signals
• Channel State Information - Reference Signals
• Sounding Reference Signal
• Phase Tracking Reference Signal

8. NR Layer 2 and Layer 3
• NR Radio Resource Control
• Service Data Application Protocol
• NR Packet Data Convergence Protocol
• NR Radio Link Control
• NR Medium Access Control

9. 5G Scheduling
• NR Scheduling
• NR Downlink Resource Allocation
• NR Uplink Resource Allocation
• NR Feedback
• Inter-RAN Resource Coordination

10. 5G Access Procedures
• Initial Access
• Random Access
• 5G Network Registration

11. EN-DC Operational Procedures
• Attaching and EN-DC Operation
• E-UTRA Measurements for EN-DC
• PSCell Addition
• EN-DC Radio Link Failure

12. 5G Connected Mode Procedures
• Radio Link Failure
• Beam Failure
• Power Control

13. 5G Paging
• Paging
• Scheduling Paging
• RRC Inactive State and Paging

14. 5G Measurements
• NMeasurement Quantities
• NR Measurements Configuration Options

15. 5G Carrier Aggregation
• NR Carrier Aggregation
• Configuring Carrier Aggregation
• Releasing Carrier Aggregation

16. 5G Dual Connectivity
• Dual-Connectivity
• NR-DC Secondary Node Procedures

17. 5G Mobility
• NR Idle Mode Mobility
• Xn Based Handover
• RRC Inactive Mobility
• Inter MeNB Handover with EN-DC