Certifications from Digital Marketing Institute

The Digital Marketing Institute provides recognized certifications to prove your competence in digital marketing. The certifications are industrially validated by Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, HubSpot, Twitter and many more. You can take it either at one of our test centers in Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim and Stavanger, or online where you are.

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There are three levels in which you can take the exam:


The entry level into the digital marketing world

The exam is included in the courses we call Tracks - which are e-learning with a duration of around 6 hours. You have 24 weeks to complete e-learning and the exam.

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Prove versatile digital marketing knowledge - this level covers large parts of digital marketing, but stands out from the specialist courses that go more in-depth on individual topics. You have 24 weeks to complete the course and exam.

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With these courses you get the opportunity to prove in-depth knowledge in specialized areas within digital marketing. You have 24 weeks to complete the course and exam.

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See Pearson vue for more exam info from dmi