Secure coding, an essential piece into development

We have interviewed Márton Heleszta, Head of Secure Coding Academy on what Secure coding is and why it is so important that all developers have this in mind. Secure coding is the security net behind you when a possible hacking attempt takes place. Secure encryption ensures that you are equipped to combat threats and yet 95% of all developers are not fully trained in secure coding.

Required common methodology and framework

The Data Inspectorate discloses on its websites the importance of the company choosing a secure and common methodology for both encoding and how developers can detect and remove vulnerabilities from the code.

The whole foundation is to ensure that the codes behind the system are put together in a safe way. This in order to avoid the system one day no longer functioning as it should due to an underlying error.

Methodology and frameworks may seem boring, but Márton Heleszta will simplify this by comparing safe coding as using seatbelts. You do not understand that you take it on anymore. In this way you can also teach yourself the good habit of writing secure code. Pitfalls surround you automatically, without thinking about it. We learn instinctively good coding habits. Secure coding also costs no extra time according to Márton Heleszta.

Lack of focus

Secure encoding is an unknown topic and not everyone sees the problem of not using this methodology in its development. Many people are not aware of the big problems they cause with the wrong mindset in the course of development.

Despite the importance of secure encoding, it is not part of the training within development, and many developers do not prioritize this on their own either. The main reason is that the mindset of most developers does not always have safety as a priority, which results in major consequences.

Reasons for wrong mindset

Development projects are often pressured on time and developers have to work efficiently and smartly. Deadlines are pressed and it allows shortcuts to be taken to reach the finish line on time. As a result of this, secure coding often becomes down priority. This situation makes it essential that executives also understand the importance of secure code.

Developers are forward-looking people who like to keep track of what is happening in digital development and we can endorse the phrase FOMO, "danger of missing out". There are several other themes and code methods that are of greater interest to devote their time than to embarking on secure coding.

Secure coding also quickly ends in the bottom of the developers toolbox just for the reason that it is not taken seriously. To answer this, Márton Heleszta says:

"You can not have 100% security, but you can be as secure as possible"

Do you want to secure your code material so that you may avoid consequences that cause fatal errors in the system. Course in secure coding is intended to teach you a work discipline that prevents software problems.

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