Understand Wireless Technology

This training will give you a good understanding of Wireless Network technology.


It is recommended that delegates have knowledge equal to this course: IP1: Generell nettverksteknologi.

Course outline

Introduction to wireless networking

  • What is wireless
  • What do the standards actually mean
    • MIMO
    • QAM
    • Beamforming
    • Channels
    • Frequencies
    • A bit on physics (and wireless is all physics) such as things like the Fresnel zone
  • How WiFi antennae work
    • Various indoor and outdoor antennae
    • Basic antennae math (things like gain and attenuation)
  • How does a well designed wireless network impact the clients (coverage, battery drain, interference…)
  • Learn to right-size a network
    • Mostly how too little is too little
    • Too much is often worse than too little
    • Example: How the height of the ceiling can mean that adding more access points can stop the clients from seeing them
  • Basic wireless security
    • WPA2/WPA3
    • Web authentication
    • Captive portals
    • Radius
  • A short visit to Wireless QoS
  • Operational issues
    • Interference
    • Monitoring

Cisco Wireless Networking

  • Cisco’s 100 different types of wireless networks
  • Controller is still king
  • Initial configuration of a controller based Cisco Wireless network
    • Controller setup
    • VLANs
    • WLANs
    • Authentication, authorization and accounting
    • Basic security setup
    • Basic monitoring and management
    • Captive portals for things like guest networking

About this course 

There is no lab exercises in this training.
Instructor will lecture and show demos during the course.  
The course will be tought from a Cisco perspective.

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