Orchestration in Docker

"Build, Ship and Run Any App, Anywhere" is Docker's slogan. No technique has become so hyped lately as Docker and their containers. With Dockers container you can easily and worry-free send applications between different environments and infrastructure. In this course you will learn how Docker is built, build your own containers and work with orchestration of containers.

After this course you have the knowledge required to be able to implement Docker in your environment or in a cloud service.


Get a better understanding of how Docker can help you in your development, testing and production of your application. You will learn how Docker is structured, mindset and which tools are available to you to build effective containers. Besides this you will also learn how to orchestrate your containers.


  • This course is designed for those who will start or have already started working with Docker.
  • The course assumes that you as a participant have basic knowledge in managing Linux and Windows Server.


Course goals:

Course participants will learn:

  • Create your own Docker Images
  • Advanced techniques of building images (multi-stage, on-build)
  • How to Prepare Docker Image for Production Deployment
  • Understand how the Docker works, including the detection of potential problems
  • Operation of the production docker infrastructure

Course content:


  1. Background information about Docker
  2. Architecture for Docker


  1. Useful command when working with Docker
  2. Managing containers


  1. Create images
  2. Work with Dockerfile


  1. Docker Compose
  2. Docker Swarm
  3. Docker Machine


  1. Concept and architecture
  2. Declarative and imperative
  3. Network model
  4. First contact with kubectl

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2 days
2 days