Oracle Database 23ai: New Features for Developers

This course will give you all the new features and enhancements of Oracle Database 23ai for the developers.


This course content is designed for SQL and PL/SQL Developers who already have experience.


Good knowledge of Oracle Database previous versions

Course topics

Module 1: SQL New Features

a. Application Usage Annotations
b. Direct Joins for Update and Delete
c. IF EXISTS Support
d. Aggregation over INTERVAL Data Types
e. Application Usage Domains
f. DESCRIBE and Column Annotations
g. Extended CASE Controls
h. GROUP BY and Aliases
i. SELECT Without FROM Clause
j. SQL Update Return Enhancements
k. Automatic PL/SQL to SQL Transpiler

Module 2: JSON New Features

a. JSON Relational Duality
b. JSON Schema
c. XML and JSON Search Index Enhancements
d. JSON_VALUE Enhancements
e. JSON_TRANSFORM Enhancements
f. JSON Data Dictionary Views

Module 3: MACHINE LEARNING and GRAPH New Features

a. Native Representation of GRAPHS in Database
b. SQL/PGQ Standards
c. Machine Learning Library (PgxML) for Graphs
d. Automated Time Series Model Search
e. Multiple Time Series
f. Generalized Linear Model Algorithm
g. Outlier Detection

Module 4: GENERAL New Features

a. SQL Firewall
b. Table DDL Change Notifications
c. ARGUMENT Command
d. SQL*Plus PING Command
e. SQL*Plus OERR Command
g. Hybrid Partitioned Tables with Interval and Auto-List Partitioning
h. SQL Access to Kafka (DBMS_KAFKA)
i. Text Indexes
j. Schema Privileges


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