Online kurs: Web Design


Kurs som inngår i biblioteket Varighet
Responsive Web Design: Flexible Grids, Images, and Media Queries 2,00
Responsive Web Design: Flexible Data and UIs, Devices, Process and Performance 2,00
Introduction to Balsamiq Mockups 2,10
Working with Balsamiq Versions and Plugins 2,60
Introduction to Justinmind 2,70
The Justinmind Desktop Application Interface 1,40
Creating and Simulating a Working Prototype 2,00
Introduction to Web Accessibility 0,70
OSs, Regulations, & Laws 0,80
WCAG 2.0 Accessibility Standards 0,80
Authoring Tool Accessibility Guidelines 0,80
HTML5 and Accessibility 0,60
Accessibility and Design 0,70
Web Design Basics 2,00
Web Design Enhancements 2,00