Online kurs: Organizational Behavior Collection


Kurs som inngår i biblioteket:  Varighet:
Improving Your Technical Writing Skills 0,37
Leading through Positive Influence 0,50
Strategies for Managing Technical Teams 0,30
Getting to the Root of a Problem 0,40
Agile Project Planning 0,97
Managing a Project to Minimize Risk and Maximize Quality 0,48
Using Strategic Thinking to Consider the Big Picture 0,50
Encouraging Team Communication and Collaboration 0,50
Leading a Cross-functional Team 0,52
Running Meetings in Better Directions 0,30
Advanced Agile: Tools & Techniques 0,93
Advanced Agile: Leadership Techniques 1,15
Value-driven Delivery: Delivering Value in Agile Projects 1,10
Advanced Scrum for Project Management 1,22
Agile Software Development: Agile Development Life Cycle 1,43
Agile Software Development: Agile Project Management Techniques 1,10
Business Analysis for Project Management: Practices for Early Project Stages 0,92
Business Analysis for Project Management: Practices for Later Project Stages 0,80
Project Management Needs vs. Expectations 0,75
Project Management Tools: Understanding the Collaboration Tools 0,83
Decision Making for Software Project Managers 0,90
Project Evaluation: Defining Success Metrics 0,68
Agile Hybrid Approaches 0,80
Interpreting Stakeholder Needs: Managing and Engaging Stakeholders 1,22
Agile for Software Development: Lean, Agile, & Scrum Methodologies 0,73
Software Data Analysis: Project Management Metrics 1,25
Risk Management: Project Risk Assessment 0,85
Software Projects: Recruiting the Project Team 0,78
Project Management: Scrum Framework for Software Development 0,80
Stakeholder Communication: Software Projects & Stakeholder Communication 0,73
Software Development Concepts: Software Development Glossary 0,72
Business Orientation: Strategic Organizational Goals 0,83
Software PM Communication: Software Project Management Communication Skills 0,93
Software Requirements Planning 1,05