MongoDB - NoSql database

NoSQL databases are a response to the exponentially growing volumes of data generated from modern distributed systems with many actors. The biggest issue here are social networks where actors are individual and legal persons in the network communicating and presenting themselves. A similar example is the Internet itself, or the hardware and software that make up the Internet. As a growing number of Internet users and the volume of data transferred and the width of the connection, increasing the number of devices, services and applications, producing and exchanging records of incidents, normal operation, as well as statistical data. All these records, like data from social networks contain valuable information. And to handle these large data we need tools and because relational databases doesn´t offer the power we need, we use tools like NoSQL database.

This course serves as an overview of the differences between relational ("SQL") and NoSQL databases, not only from the focus, but also various pitfalls, ways of implementation, management and operation of necessary knowledge and skills to great use NoSQL databases.


  • Technical directors, IT project managers, database administrators, systems architects
  • All IT professionals who want to get better than a thorough knowledge of NoSQL databases


  • Basic knowledge of SQL query language
  • Basic knowledge of any database management system (DBMS)

Course goals:

Participants also learn:

  • Understand the basic principles of NoSQL databases
  • Understand the benefits and pitfalls of distributed databases
  • Understand the proper use of NoSQL databases
  • Understand the categorization of NoSQL databases (Key-value stores, Column-oriented, Graph, Document oriented)
  • Understand the architecture and use of document-oriented database MongoDB
  • Install MongoDB in a non-distributed environment
  • Basics of MongoDB - databases, collections, documents Operators
  • Administration basics production use MongoDB

Course content:


  • basic concepts and principles of NoSQL
  • NoSQL vs. RDBMS - a brief introduction
  • Distributed systems and CAP
  • ACID vs. BASE

NoSQL categories and usage

  • Using NoSQL - where YES and where NO
  • What is NoSQL? - Categorization - Key-value stores, Column-oriented, Graph, Document oriented
  • Pitfalls and necessary balance

MongoDB - overview

  • History, current status
  • Architecture
  • Data Types
  • Management Tools

MongoDB – installation, maintenance, administration

  • Installation
  • Backup & restore
  • User management

MongoDB - quering

  • Inserting documents
  • Editing documents
  • Selection of documents, operators, aggregation
  • Deleting documents
  • Indexes

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