M_o_R® Practitioner

M_o_R® stands for “Management of Risk” and considers risk from different perspectives within an organization: strategic, program, project and operational. The M_o_R® Practitioner course provides delegates with a deep and practical understanding of the processes, principles and techniques used in the M_o_R® approach to allow delegates to put in place the application of the guidance into their own organization.

The successful completion of the M_o_R® Practitioner exam will give the delegate a recognized qualification of expertise in the subject, meaning the capability to apply and use risk management into real environment and situations, being able to adapt M_o_R® into organizations to gain the broadest benefit from it.

Course objectives:

Following the completion of the course candidates should be able to apply and understand how to tailor M_o_R® effectively within an organization environment supporting M_o_R® .

Specifically candidates should for any organizational perspective:

  • Understand the relationships between the four elements of the M_o_R® framework
  • Be able to apply the principles, approach, processes and techniques
  • Be able to review and make recommendations to embed the M_o_R® framework
  • Be able to create and assess any of the M_o_R® framework documents.


This qualification is aimed at anyone working within a corporate governance environment that has responsibilities for identifying, assessing, planning, or managing risks, or reporting on risk management activities across the organization.


M_o_R® Foundation Certificate

Course material:

All course material will be delivered digital and consist of:

  • Course material with slide sett
  • Official M_o_R manual

How to take the exam:

Regular classroom courses:

Paperbased exam at the end of the last course day

Virtual courses:

You will get an exam voucher that gives you access to an online exam. This can be booked and taken home monitored by a proctor via camera.

Get the step-by-Step Guidelines on how to take an Online Proctored Exam on your computer.

Online Proctoring Guidelines

The trainer will also guide you through the procedures on how to book and prepare for the exam during the course

For both alternatives:

If you fail on your first attempt you receive a free online retake voucher. This can only be conducted online.

Course outline:

  • Principles

    1. Perspectives
    2. Strategic
    3. Program
    4. Project
    5. Operational

    Approach and Documents

    1. Processes
    2. Identify – Context
    3. Identify – Identify the risk
    4. Assess – Estimate
    5. Assess – Evaluate
    6. Plan
    7. Implement

    Use and application of:

    1. Embedding & Review
    2. Common Techniques
    3. Risk Specialisms


  • About the exam:

    • Objective testing
    • Four questions per paper, 20 marks available per question
    • 40 marks required to pass (out of 80 available) - 50%
    • Three hours’ duration
    • Extra time (38 min) for non-natives English speakers
    • Open book exam. Candidates may use the official manual Management of Risk: Guidance for Practitioners guide together with the ABC Guide Part A Example Techniques guidance document is allowed

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