Integration using Azure App Services (2 dager)

After this intensive two day training attendees will leave with the solid understanding on how to design and build the next generation of integration and business process solutions using Azure App Services. The training will be packed with scenarios, demos and labs to prepare attendees for start using the platform in real world scenarios.

Attendees will be exposed for everything from modern integrations scenarios with latest SaaS application to handling more traditional scenarios integration on premise solutions communication with flat file and EDI formats. 


  • Developers who build and deploy integrations and business process applications
  • Solution Architects who evaluates, design and implement integration related enterprise solutions
  • Managers and System Evaluators who want a comprehensive drill-down on the Azure App Services capabilities and toolsets
  • IT Professionals who are responsible for planning, developing, deploying, and managing a cloud based environment.


  • In order to take maximum advantage of this training course, learners need to have basic understanding of the .NET framework C# or Visual Basic .NET.

Course outline:

Introduction to Azure and App Services

  • Introduction to IaaS and PaaS and the trends and needs that drive both general IT and especially integrations to move to the cloud.
  • Walkthrough of the Azure platform and services. Will result in an understanding of basic concepts such as subscriptions, resource groups etc. Will also touch on pricing and what to consider when evaluating pricing.

Connect to popular SaaS applications

  • Introduction to App Services and how it can be used to simplify connection, authorization and communication with standard SaaS application.

Understanding alternatives for Hybrid connections

  • Explores the different options available for connection Azure and App Services to an on premise environment, their pros and cons.

Transformations in App Services

  • Shows the transformations service and how to work with to transform incoming messages from structure to another.

Complex routing and logic using Logic Apps

  • Shows how to work with complex routing and looping structures using App Services.

Expose existing application using custom API Apps

  • Module shows how to create a custom API App for exposing a existing application as a App in App Services.
  • Shows how to use swagger and the role of the swagger in App Services.

Marketplace and sharing common Apps

  • Sharing custom components and App internally within the organization.

EAI using App Services - Patterns

  • Shows how to implement a few common pattern such as retries, splitter, guaranteed delivery and request-response using the platform.

EAI using App Services - Flatfile

  • Introduction to handling flatfile reading from on premise using App Services.

EAI using App Services - EDI

  • Introduction to handling EDI and party setting using App Services.

EAI using App Services - Rules Engine

  • Shows how to work with the rule engine service in App Services.

Monitoring and maintenance in App Services

  • Walkthrough of the options and best practices for monitoring and maintaining a App Service in production. The module will cover both third-party tools as well as PowerShell APIs.

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