Developing for the Universal Windows Platform (UWP)

Course outline:

Introduction to the Windows UWP

  • Windows 10 Universal Apps
  • Windows Core API
  • CoreCLR / .NET Native
  • Tooling Visual Studio 2017

Creating User Interfaces using XAML

  • XAML Basics
  • Using Controls
  • Programming in code behind
  • Databinding


  • The MVVM design pattern
  • ViewModels
  • Commands & RelayCommands
  • Event Aggregator
  • Using MVVM Frameworks

Navigation & Menus

  • The Application Life-cycle
  • Navigation
  • Creating menus
  • AppBar Control

User Notifications

  • Implementing Live Tiles
  • The Action Center
  • Sending Push Notifications

Background processing

  • REST API communication
  • Azure Mobile Services
  • Background execution
  • Cortana integration

Packaging & Deployment

  • The manifest file
  • Visual assets
  • Creating test and store packages
  • The Windows Application Certification Kit

About the instructor: Ronald Harmsen

Ronald Harmsen is a senior consultant and instructor based in the Netherlands. Ronald has been professionally developing software since 1997 and has chosen .NET as his primary development environment since version 1.0. He has extensive experience in developing web applications with ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, WCF, Silverlight and HTML5.

Ronald is passionate about software architecture and improving performance of both applications and development teams. He focuses on building high quality software and is member of the board at the Institute for Software Quality.