Build mobile applications on Apple iOS and Android with Xamarin

Mobile development can be quite some work. And starting with mobile development has a steep learning curve because every platform has it’s own tools & languages. Xamarin allows you to build mobile applications on Apple iOS & Android with (most) of the tools you already know as a .NET developer: Visual Studio & C#.


Working knowledge and understanding of C# and Visual Studio

Course outline:

In this hands-on course you will learn how to leverage these tools to build your mobile apps quickly and even share code between the different platforms which will speed up your development even further.

Introduction to mobile development with Xamarin

  • Requirements for development
  • Using Xamarin Studio
  • Using Visual Studio

Platform specific development

  • iOS
    • App lifecycle
    • UI elements & navigation
    • Using storyboards
    • Platform specifics
  • Android
    • App lifecycle
    • UI elements & navigation
    • Intents and more specific platform components

Code sharing between platforms

  • Introduction to cross platform development
  • Xamarin forms
  • MVVM
  • Control & Custom Renderers
  • Code sharing strategies
  • Accessing data, RESTful services & more

App deployment

  • AppStore
  • GooglePlay
  • Other options
  • Gathering runtime information

About the instructor: Ronald Harmsen

Ronald Harmsen is a senior consultant and instructor based in the Netherlands. Ronald has been professionally developing software since 1997 and has chosen .NET as his primary development environment since version 1.0. He has extensive experience in developing web applications with ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, WCF, Silverlight and HTML5.

Ronald is passionate about software architecture and improving performance of both applications and development teams. He focuses on building high quality software and is member of the board at the Institute for Software Quality.

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