AWS Discovery Day – Understand Your Customers Better With a Modern Data Strategy

In the intermediate-level training you will be introduced to the AWS services needed to build an end-to-end data solution. Learn how these AWS services are used to store, access, transform, analyze, and predict so you can put your data to work to make better, more informed decisions, respond faster to the unexpected, and uncover new opportunities.


This course includes lecture material and in-class discussions.

•    Level: Intermediate
•    Duration: 60 minutes

Learning objectives

During this event, you will learn to:
•    Describe a modern data strategy 
•    Describe the AWS modern data architecture 
•    Describe an AWS data lake and its features and benefits
•    Describe purpose-built databases on AWS
•    Describe a data warehouse
•    Describe a managed cluster for big data
•    Describe application monitoring, log analytics, and search
•    Describe the AWS AI/ML stack

Intended audience

•    Data warehouse engineers
•    Data platform engineers
•    Solutions architects

Recommended follow-up training and resources

We recommend that attendees of this event continue learning with these courses:
•    Building Modern Data Analytics Solutions on AWS course collection
•    Planning and Designing Databases on AWS
•    Practical Data Science with Amazon SageMaker 

What is AWS Discovery Days?

AWS Discovery Days, hosted by official AWS Training Partners, introduce cloud concepts, including generative AI, security, machine learning, migrations, and modern data strategy. Expert AWS Instructors will help you learn what’s possible in the cloud and how to achieve it with AWS.