AWS Discovery Day - Are you well-Architected? (Webinar)

Do you need to improve workloads in your architecture? Gain an understanding of how the AWS Well-Architected framework provides prescriptive architectural advice, and how the AWS Well-Architected Tool allows you to measure and improve your technology portfolio. Learn a consistent approach to evaluate architectures and implement designs.

Dato og tidspunkt:

9.september: 09:00 - 10:00


This course includes lecture materials, visual presentation, and audience participation.

Learning objectives

•    Explain the Well-Architected Framework
•    Describe the pillars of the framework
•    Describe design principles 
•    Explain how to perform a Well-Architected Framework Review
•    Understand the resources and tools available in the Well-Architected Framework

Intended audience

•    Solutions architects
•    DevOps Engineers
•    Technical professionals involved in managing, architecting, building, and operating AWS solutions

Recommended follow-up training and resources

•    AWS Well-Architected digital course
•    AWS Well-Architected Best Practices classroom training course 


Anders Bjørnestad

Anders Bjørnestad har utviklet løsninger på AWS plattformen siden 2010 og har jobbet med alt fra cloud-strategi til å designe og implementere tekniske løsninger på denne plattformen. Anders er en av initiativtakerne til AWS User Groups i Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim og Stavanger og han mottok nylig fra AWS hedersbeviset “AWS Community Hero”, som en av få i Europa.