Angular 14 Development

This course takes a thorough look at Angular 14, the latest version of the Angular framework. We can also run courses on earlier versions of Angular, if this is what you're looking for - just contact us to discuss the details.

What you´ll learn: 

  • Angular architectural concepts
  • Creating and testing Angular apps
  • Templates
  • Data binding and forms
  • Dependency injection
  • Pipes
  • Directives and transclusion
  • Routing and navigation
  • Calling REST services
  • Web sockets
  • Angular CLI


  • Familiarity with HTML and JavaScript programming

Course content:

  • TypeScript Essentials: Variables and types; Functions; Classes; Generics; Inheritance; Interfaces
  • Creating a Simple Angular Application: Getting started with Angular CLI; Structure of an Angular application; Importing Angular libraries; Angular bundles; Angular components; Templates; Binding expressions; Bootstrapping Angular; Overview of routing
  • Data Binding: A closer look at data binding; Two-way data binding; Delayed binding; Applying CSS styles and classes conditionally; Using structural directives; Differences in earlier versions of Angular
  • Pipes: Using built-in pipes; Internationalization; Using promises, observables, and the async pipe; Defining custom pipes; Applying pipes programmatically
  • Forms: Template-driven forms; Reactive forms; Dynamic (data-driven) forms; Validation techniques
  • Component Hierarchies: Structuring applications; Defining component inputs; Defining component outputs; The mediator pattern
  • Dependency Injection: Overview of dependency injection in Angular; Simple dependency injection; Using the provide() function; A hierarchy of injectors; Global provision; Injection into services; Values and factories
  • Closer Look at Angular Routing: Route parameters and route data; Defining multiple router outlets; Lazy loading; Router lifecycle events
  • Calling Rest Web Services: Overview of Rest services; Calling Rest services using HttpClient; Dealing with asynchronous results
  • Web Sockets: Web Sockets concepts; Calling Web Sockets from JavaScript; Using RxJs Observables with Web Sockets
  • Implementing Custom Directives: Attribute directives; Specifying parameters and events; Structural directives; Transclusion
  • A Closer Look at Angular CLI: AOT vs. JIT compilation; Bundling and tree-shaking; Additional techniques

Andy Olsen - author of the course

Andy is a freelance consultant and instructor based in the UK, working mostly in the City of London and Oxford. Andy has been working with .NET since the Beta 1 days and has extensive experience in many facets of .NET development including WCF, WPF, WF, ASP.NET MVC Web development, and mobile applications. Andy has designed and written many Microsoft Official Curriculum courses in the last decade, and has been engaged as author and technical reviewer with Apress on some of their biggest selling books.

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