Advanced Developing on AWS

The Advanced Developing on AWS course uses the real-world scenario of taking a legacy, on-premisesmonolithic application and refactoring it into a serverless microservices architecture. This three-dayadvanced course covers advanced development topics such as architecting for a cloud-native environment;deconstructing on-premises, legacy applications and repackaging them into cloud-based, cloud nativearchitectures; and applying the tenets of the Twelve-Factor Application methodology.

Course objectives:

  • Analyze a monolithic application architecture to determine logical or programmatic break points
    where the application can be broken up across different AWS services
  • Apply Twelve-Factor Application manifesto concepts and steps while migrating from a monolithic
  • Recommend the appropriate AWS services to develop a microservices based cloud-native
  • Use the AWS API, CLI, and SDKs to monitor and manage AWS services
  • Migrate a monolithic application to a microservices application using the 6 Rs of migration
  • Explain the SysOps and DevOps interdependencies necessary to deploy a microservices application
    in AWS


  • This course is intended for experienced software developers who are already familiar with AWS services.


We recommend that attendees of this course have the following prerequisites:

  • In-depth knowledge of at least one high-level programming language
  • Working knowledge of core AWS services and public cloud implementation
  • Completion of the Developing on AWS classroom training, and then a minimum of 6 months of
    application of those concepts in a real world environment

Course outline:

  • Module 1: The cloud journey
    • Common off-cloud architecture
    • Introduction to Cloud Air
    • Monolithic architecture
    • Migration to the cloud
    • Guardrails
    • The six R’s of migration
    • The Twelve-Factor Application Methodology
    • Architectural styles and patterns
    • Overview of AWS Services
    • Interfacing with AWS Services
    • Authentication
    • Infrastructure as code and Elastic Beanstalk
    • Demonstration: Walk through creating base infrastructure with AWS CloudFormation in the
    AWS console
    • Hands-on lab 1: Deploy your monolith application using AWS Elastic Beanstalk

    Module 2: Gaining Agility
    • DevOps
    • CI/CD
    • Application configuration
    • Secrets management
    • CI/CD Services in AWS
    • Demonstration: Demo AWS Secrets Manager

  • Module 3: Monolith to MicroServices
    • Microservices
    • Serverless
    • A look at Cloud Air
    • Microservices using Lambda and API Gateway
    • SAM
    • Strangling the Monolith
    • Hands-on lab: Using AWS Lambda to develop microservices

    Module 4: Polyglot Persistence & Distributed Complexity
    • Polyglot persistence
    • DynamoDB best practices
    • Distributed complexity
    • Step functions

  • Module 5: Resilience and Scale
    • Decentralized data stores
    • Amazon SQS
    • Amazon SNS
    • Amazon Kinesis Streams
    • AWS IoT Message Broker
    • Serverless event bus
    • Event sourcing and CQRS
    • Designing for resilience in the cloud
    • Hands-on lab: Exploring the AWS messaging options

    Module 6: Security and Observability
    • Serverless Compute with AWS Lambda
    • Authentication with Amazon Cognito
    • Debugging and traceability
    • Hands-on lab: Developing microservices on AWS
    • Hands-on lab 8: Automating deployments with Cloud Formation

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