5G Use Cases

This half day course will cover a broad variety of current and future 5G use cases, exploring scenarios across areas such as Industry, Enterprise and Consumer markets. Some cases are an evolution on the current 4G LTE network, simply enhanced by a faster and more reliable 5G network. Others are entirely new, only possible through the improved bandwidth, low latency and ultra reliability that 5G provides.


This is a half day course, starting at 09.00 and finishing at 12.00.


This course is relevant for anyone who would like to know more about the possibilities and use of 5G.

Level:  Beginner

Available as On Demand

This course is available as On Demand (e-learning / self study) with 6 months access to the training material.

Course outline

Topic areas covered include:

5G Use Case Evolution

  • 5G Technology Evolution
  • 5G Use Case Evolution Timeline
  • KPIs Achieved Through Network Slicing.

Industry 4.0 – 5G and Manufacturing

  • Challenges.
  • Advanced Predictive Maintenance.
  • Precision Monitoring and Control.
  • Supply Chain Optimisation.
  • Network KPIs In Manufacturing.

Industry 4.0 - 5G, Robotics and AGVs

  • Challenges.
  • AGV Navigation.
  • 5G Supporting LiDAR.
  • Network KPIs for 5G, Robotics and AGVs.

5G and Enterprise

  • 5G for Remote working.
  • Remote collaboration.
  • MEC Enterprise Solutions.
  • Network KPIs in Enterprise.

5G and the Consumer

  • 5G and Media Services.
  • Network KPIs for Media Services
  • 5G and Connected Living.
  • Fixed Wireless Access.
  • Autonomous Vehicles
  • 5G and Gaming.
  • 5G and Social Change.

5G and Utilities

  • Grid Control.
  • Smart Metering.
  • Smart City Concept.
  • Smart Buildings
  • Network KPIs for Utilities.

5G in Agriculture

  • Challenges.
  • Precision Agriculture
  • Automated Farming
  • Livestock Tracking.

5G and Healthcare

  • Telehealth.
  • Pharmacy Logistics.
  • Remote Surgery.

5G and UAVs

  • UAVs delivering 5G.
  • Cargo UAVs.
  • Search, Rescue and Disaster Recovery.
  • Drone Entertainment.

5G and Extended Reality

  • What is Extended Reality?
  • XR Use Cases
  • Network KPIs in XR.