5G Fixed Mobile Convergence

This half day course is designed to introduce the main concepts behind 5G fixed and mobile convergence technology. This will be considered on a high-level basis, with focus on the technology and the key components. It will also provide an insight into a number of converged use cases as well as an overview of the basic operation.


This is a half day course, starting at 13.00 and finishing at 16.30.


This course is relevant for Engineers, Team Leaders, Managers, Tecnicians and Specialists working in these functions:

  • Operations at Mobile Service Providers and Equipment vendors
  • Network (General), Core Network, RAN (Radio Access Network) and Network Design, Planning & Optimization at Mobile Service Providers
  • Software Design and Product Design at Equipment vendors

Level:  Beginner

Available as On Demand

This course is available as On Demand (e-learning / self study) with 6 months access to the training material.

Course outline

Topic areas covered include:

Concepts and Drivers

  • Driving Factors
  • Challenges
  • 5G Fixed Mobile Convergence Standardization
  • Converged Use Cases

System Architecture

  • High Level Architecture:
    • Integrated and interworking models
    • Trusted Non-3GPP access model.
  • Key Functions:
    • W-AGF (Wireline-Access Gateway Function)
    • 5G-RG (Residential Gateway)
    • FN-RG (Fixed Network – Residential Gateway)
    • TNAN (Trusted Non-3GPP Access Network)
  • Control and User Plane.

5G Fixed Mobile Convergence Procedures

  • Registration
  • Connection Management
  • Mobility:
    • Area restrictions.

Exchanging Data in 5G Fixed Mobile Convergence

  • Session Management
  • QoS Model:
    • Session - Total Maximum Bit Rate
  • Utilizing PDU Sessions


  • Hybrid Access
  • EPC interworking
  • Fixed Wireless Access