WITSHOOT: Troubleshooting Cisco Wireless Enterprise Networks

This wireless specific troubleshooting course has been designed to provide network engineers with best practices when troubleshooting Cisco Wi-Fi architectures. Hands-on labs are used to reinforce the theory and include troubleshooting Cisco AireOS Release 8.0, Cisco Prime Infrastructure Release 2.2, and Cisco Identity Services Engine (Cisco ISE) Release 1.3 features.


  • Engineers involved in the deployment and maintenance of a wireless network.
  • Individuals aiming towards the CCNP Wireless certification.


Attendees should meet the following pre-requisites:

Course objectives

After completing this course you should be able to:

  • Identify common troubleshooting approaches
  • Identify and describe wireless infrastructure issues
  • Identify core wireless infrastructure issues
  • Identify wireless security issues

Course content

Identify Common Troubleshooting Approaches:
Describing Network Troubleshooting Methodology
Describing Network Troubleshooting Tools and Resources

Identify Wireless Infrastructure Issues:
Troubleshooting Client Connectivity Issues
Troubleshooting Client Performance Issues

Identify Core Wireless Infrastructure Issues:
Troubleshooting AP-to-Controller Issues
Troubleshooting Wireless-Related Wired Infrastructure Issues
Troubleshooting Cisco FlexConnect

Identify Wireless Security Issues:
Troubleshooting Client Authentication Issues
Troubleshooting Guest Access Issues
Troubleshooting Issues with RF-Related Security Threats

Challenge Lab 1: Client Authentication Failure
Challenge Lab 2: Client Connection Failure
Challenge Lab 3: Client Unable to See the Employee WLAN
Challenge Lab 4: Poor Performance on 2.4 GHz
Challenge Lab 5: APs Are Not Joining the Controller, Example 1
Challenge Lab 6: APs Are Not Joining the Controller, Example 2
Challenge Lab 7: Client Roaming Is Not Handled Seamlessly
Challenge Lab 8: No Access to wlc1 from the Network, Example 1
Challenge Lab 9: No Access to wlc2 from the Network, Example 2
Challenge Lab 10: New 802.11ac APs Are Not at Maximum Performance
Challenge Lab 11: FlexConnect Local Switched WLAN Issue
Challenge Lab 12: FlexConnect APs Cannot Authenticate New Users
Challenge Lab 13: APs Are Not Joining the Controller, Example 3
Challenge Lab 14: Client Authentication Failure
Challenge Lab 15: Guest Web Authentication Failure
Challenge Lab 16: Additional Client Authentication Issues


Recommended as preparation for exam 300-370 - Troubleshooting Cisco Wireless Networks

This is one of four exams required for the Cisco Certified Network Professional for Wireless Certification



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